Friday, July 25, 2008


A few "quick takes" for the day:

Remember the "Oregon Trail" game from elementary school computer labs in the 1980's? You can play it here. (I haven't yet, but plan to when I have a life again... hmm, maybe somebody should let me know how it is.)

I re-discovered Abraham Piper's blog the other day, 22 Words. I love how he deliberately cultivates brevity, and he has great insights. It's now on my feedreader.

Another blog that disappeared from my feedreader when I switched computers and I just rediscovered is that of David Baer, president of Overseas Council. Today's post is a good example of why I'm excited to make him a regular read again -- Suffering's Beautiful children.

And thanks to Tara for two great posts in the last few days -- "Gutsy Guilt" and "Look down and then up."

Okay, enjoy some U2 for the day:


Jeromy said...

Regard Molly's life: Let me get this plan to play the game Oregon Trail when you get a life? So...what do you do when things really heat up?

Regarding Baer 2: I also grabbed ahold of David Baer's blog. Loving it.

Regarding U2: This is my favorite U2 song...thanks!

Molly said...

JerOmy, I guess I was referring to a hypothetical (fantasy?) time in the future when I have time to mess around online. When things really heat up, we have friends over for beer and the men watch movies while the women clean.

Anonymous said...


Great U2 flick. Don't read my blog. It'll just fill you head with crazy things. Go get married or something instead. I wrote a thank-you note to Jeromy on the plane to Seattle today. Now I realize I'm going to have to rewrite it because he doesn't spell his name 'Jeremy' and I did. White-out is still not acceptable on thank-you notes, right? Or has that changed? Please advise.

Molly said...

David: I'd use white out on a thank you note. But I'm from MT, so I wouldn't consult me for etiquette protocol.

Anonymous said...

David, If white out isn't acceptable on thank-you's, it should be. Shows incredible effort! -- Molly, thank you for putting words to the strange feelings I have sometimes :)