Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chrysalis ... OR Same Blogger, Different Name

chrys·a·lis (from Wikipedia):
A chrysalis (Latin chrysallis, from Greek χρυσαλλίς = chrysallís, pl: chrysalides) or nympha is the pupal stage of butterflies. The term is derived from the metallic gold-colouration found in the pupae of many butterflies referred to by the Greek term χρυσός (chrysós) for gold.

Like other types of pupae, the chrysalis stage in most butterflies is one in which there is little movement. However, some butterfly pupae are capable of moving the abdominal segments to produce sounds or to scare away potential predators. Within the chrysalis, growth and differentiation occur. The adult butterfly emerges (ecloses) from this and expands its wings by pumping haemolymph into the wing veins.[2] This sudden and rapid change from pupa to imago is called metamorphosis.

When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, usually it will sit on the empty shell in order to expand and dry its wings. However, if the chrysalis was near the ground (such as if it fell off from its silk pad), the butterfly would find another vertical surface to rest upon and dry its wings (such as a wall or fence).

Those of you who read my blog lately have probably been wondering if I've been in hibernation for the last few weeks. I like to think of myself as having been in a cocoon, undergoing chrysalis. And now I've emerged, I'm hanging on a stick, stretching my wings and waving them around so they'll dry out and I can truly take flight.

In other words, I just got married and I'm getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.
How does one blog about her own wedding? Warning: uncharacteristic gushiness will follow.

I'm still feeling rather breathless and I could spend the next month (year?) blogging about it, but here are a few highlights:
  • The past week was a total blur. I had a busy work week last M-W, and by then friends and family were already pouring into town. It was a huge blessing that all of our guests made our time so much fun and they all got along with each other really well. Some of them got along REALLY well; you know who you are and that I'm especially happy for you :)
  • The theme of our wedding was Psalm 40:3, "He put a new song in my mouth." It was such a joy to celebrate the work of the Lord in my life and that of my husband. God in his mercy is constantly giving us gifts and chances that we do not deserve. Our new life together (our relationship, our joy, our friends, the ways people have blessed us throughout this season) are HUGE evidences of God's generosity to us through his people. We are humbled and blessed.
  • Our wedding itself was amazing; it was beautiful and surreal and I remember standing on the stage trying to take it all in and create lasting impressions that we can tuck away and remember for years to come. The reception is much more of a blur to me -- so much energy and activity and a HUGE party. My parents did all of the planning and they did a fantastic job. Our band did make me play the tambourine for a few songs, which was, um, interesting. I have terrible rhythm.
  • The ONLY glitch that I'm aware of for the entire day was that Migo stepped on my dress while we were taking pictures outside in my parents' yard before the ceremony, leaving three distinct, muddy footprints on my train. I figured they could be airbrushed out if worse came to worst; but my mom mostly dabbed them out ... besides, I wanted him out there, so I could blame no one but myself! (Speaking of the Migster, my poor parents were up till the wee hours after our wedding because Migo had a seizure; the vet said he has epilepsy and now we have to track his seizures -- he's had one before that we thought was a choking fit -- and if they get more frequent or worse, we'll probably have to medicate him. Bummer!)
Okay, that's probably all I can muster for now. We have several gigantic piles of gifts that we need to start sorting through in order to have a liveable home (oh, and combining all our stuff in the bedroom, office, etc!), so that's my goal for the next two days. Wow, what an amazing couple of days it's been. I'm nearly speechless; I'm just overwhelmed with feeling so loved (by my fantastic husband and such a crowd of witnesses) and so blessed. Our prayer is that we will be the type of family that passes that love on to others in the quantities that we have received it, and more.

Finally, a few pics for your viewing pleasure (thanks to my new SIL for these pics):

Look closely for the tambourine! And yes, that's my Handsome Hubby (henceforth on this blog as HH) playing the bass for one song. He's good looking, thoughtful, AND he has talent!!!


Melodee said...

Congratulations, you butterfly, you! :)

Anne said...

Congratulations! May God bless you as you start a new life together.

Looks like a fun party. :-)

Sharon said...


You, were, indeed a beautiful and radiant bride -- the picture above shows what a great dress you wore, too.

I have plenty of "candids" at your disposal - and for your selection. I know I wasn't the only photog clicking away, but there was just a little activity, as you mentioned.

Look forward to seeing you both back in the office -- and glad that you're back blogging.

Carrie Peeples said...

YIPPEE!! So glad you had such a great wedding week, but the best part is NOW as you enjoy discovering how to live life together. I LOVE being married and wish the same for you and JR. SUPER glad to have you in the family and can't wait for Christmas when we can all be together again!!! - your new SIL ;)