Monday, January 19, 2009

Status Updates

I have so many status updates swirling around in my head, I figured I'd throw 'em up on my blog since I can communicate here with more than 160 characters at a time. So here's a couple of 160-word-or-less thoughts:

1. Laughing at the several people who have lately described themselves as "facebook stalkers." I don't know if it's stalking if we're putting the info out there publicly, but I guess what they mean is that they never interact, but just lurk. I wonder how many blog/facebook stalkers I have!

2. Totally digging my rose petal tea right now. And on my 4th cup of tea for the day. Boo for a Tylenol PM hangover. Yay for a bathroom that's 50 steps from my office.

3. Can't wait to try making homemade marshmallows. I was thinking for the next "girls nite," maybe paired with chocolate-covered fruit and mixed nuts.

4. Thinking I need to write in my journal more so I can process things that aren't suitable for public consumption. Like.... oops, see, I almost slipped.

5. Finding it funny that my parents have met up with two couples from Billings during their time in Hawaii -- one on their honeymoon, the other celebrating their 50th anniversary!

6. Thankful that people still celebrate their 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries. What faithfulness, to each other, to the Lord, and from the Lord!

7. Looking forward to Green Chili Stew tonight.

8. Bringing dessert tonight, which is going to be vanilla ice cream, topped with any combo of golden grahams, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and (leftover) homemade caramel sauce.

9. Desperately needing to clean up dog poop in our backyard.

10. Wondering what kind of dog my neighbors have and, if it's a goldendoodle as I suspect, wondering if he'll get as big and hairy (like English sheepdog big and hairy) as a friend's goldendoodle.

11. Needing to stop writing updates before I say something that should go in my journal :)

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Unknown said...

Hey molls,
I agree with your comment about 50 and 60 year anniversaries! My grandparents celebrated their 60th last Sunday with a small gathering at my mom's house. (ha! small, from my family? I guess small is a relative term!) It gives me hope for my marriage seeing them be faithful for so long...and have some really good health!