Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Highlights

A few highlights from the weekend:

1. Making my very first caramel sauce! I once again ventured into the realm of that oh-so-unforgiving-ingredient, sugar, and managed to come out okay. I used this recipe to make sauteed apples and caramel sauce to put over ice cream for a Sunday evening treat. The sauce was okay (and tasty in my coffee this morning!), but I think I'll try something else next time because the process had to be modified because it wasn't turning out like the recipe said (like the sugar mixture didn't brown for over 30 min, instead of 7-15 like it said). Them apples, though, were delicious!

2. Taking a Sunday afternoon walk up at Zimmerman Park. HH and I took the dogs up there so they could stretch their legs after being in kennels all week. It was 60 degrees and a beautiful day! (and half of Billings apparently agreed with us). I LOVE watching Migo race around and explore the boulders, the paths, the plants and all the smells (LOTS of doggie smells) -- he just looks so beautiful and graceful and alive, like this sort of lifestyle is what God made him for.

3. Finding a fabulous new soundtrack, the music from the oddly-likeable movie Smart People.

gonna tell you all a story
about a girl who's just informed me
that all she needs to love me
is a quiet peaceful day

she don't need no shiny diamonds
or a fancy car to drive in
she just needs me there beside her
on a quiet peaceful day

4. Finally getting Christmas put away and feeling like my life is somewhat back in order (at least the life that happens in our living room -- never mind that it's connected to our dining room and kitchen and they're still pretty messy).

5. Making fajitas in the crockpot! I used a pretty simple recipe of chix breasts (2), chix broth, chili powder, cumin, salt, lime juice, onions and peppers and cooked it on high for about 3 hours. I can't find the exact recipe right now (and I'll prob. modify it in the future), but I loved the texture of the chicken (who likes to be trying to gnaw off a piece of chicken out of a folded-up tortilla?) and that amount of time was just about right for the veggies (I don't like super mushy peppers). Will definitely be a keeper method.

6. Ladies night with a couple of girls from church -- wine, chocolate, cheese, chatting and When Harry Met Sally. A lovely, low-key evening, and HH was still out with a friend so I met up with him afterwards for a drink.

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Andrea said...

I took my dogs to Zimmerman yesterday too! Even though Cache is a gimpin' limpin' boy, he is never happier than when he's at Zimmerman Park. I actually think that's where he hurt his knee in the first place. He was tired and super sore afterwards, but seeing him in his element made it oh so worth it.