Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Out of Uganda:" a cousin's blog

My husband's cousin is spending a gap year (he graduated from high school and is waiting a year for college) in Africa, splitting his time between a mission in Uganda and living with a national pastor in Tanzania. He's in Tanzania right now.

He's keeping a blog and it's a mix of tongue-in-cheek hilarious, cultural acclimation and spiritual insights. I really commend it to you; it will give you a great taste of what life is like as an 18 year old who is the only white-guy-in-residence for probably at least several hundred miles.

Here's a quote that almost made me choke on my coffee this morning.
Woke up Thursday after dreaming of brownies. Dreamt I was at a party with
Josiah Bartlett and a table was laid out with platters and platters of brownies.
Woke up with the worst cravings of my entire life. Is this what being pregnant
is like? I suppose if I was pregnant I would have gone and thrown up.

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