Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Gotta Fix Your Identity Vertically

Speaking of Paul Tripp on marriage, Vitamin Z posted an excerpt from an interview with Tripp.

Here's my favorite part; you could spend a lifetime just building a relationship on this:

Being a worshiper means that you attach your identity, meaning and purpose, and your inner sense of well-being to something. You either get these things vertically (from the Creator) or you look to get them horizontally (from the creation). This insight has everything to do with how a marriage becomes what it is. No marriage will be unaffected when the people in the marriage are seeking to get from the creation what they were only ever meant to get from the Creator.


Addie said...

Challenging. I find that I worship my comfort an embarrassing amount. I go to great pains to cultivate and keep it. Ouch. That realization is... uncomfortable.

Molly said...

Oh, you and me both, friend. I worship my comfort, but God for some reason gave me a husband who now keeps edging (or blasting) me out of my comfort zone.