Sunday, November 07, 2010

Country Boys

I have all sorts of serious posts that have been marinading in my brain for several weeks. I'm doing a Bible Study on Romans and it's giving me great food for thought, plus I've come across several very quote-worthy things that are further fodder for rumination. And yet, here I am, about to post 3 music videos. Country music videos at that.

First, I give you "Wild Montana Skies." This became one of my favorite songs while I was living in Philly. Don't take it personally, Philadelphia-ites, but the lack of blue skies, the lack of dramatic clouds, the small amount of sky that you got to see just made me long for MT skies. There is nothing like them, and I regularly catch my breath in awe of the dramatic skyscapes that I get to enjoy just looking out my front door, not to mention when I'm driving across the state. The other night, I had dinner with my parents and my dad thanked God in prayer for the beautiful sunset he'd been able to enjoy while loading stuff into his truck. I hope I never lose my sense of awe or my gratitude for our Wild Montana Skies.

Secondly, here's John Denver again singing the super-fun song "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." I can't wait until Titus (who is now technically a "full-term baby"!) is old enough to really appreciate time in the mountains. When he is and he's toddling around after his dad and grandpas, I'm going to make a music video of him to this song.

Finally, this came up as one of my suggested songs after I listened to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." Whenever I hear songs like this, I think, "I should listen to more country music." I love how lighthearted, catchy and fun the song is. And I like that I got myself a bit of a country boy, one who keeps talking about putting "HLLBLLY" on the license plate... although it wouldn't fit very well with the rest of the look of his car.

Give it a listen and have yourself some fun :)


HH said...

I never liked John Denver- he's right though.

Laura said...

Thanks for posting those! Henry got a huge smile on his face when he heard John Denver, and it only got bigger when I swooped him up and started dancing him around the living room. :)

Anonymous said...

Well "grandpa #2" will have the cakes on the griddle for sure. Unlike "HH" I loved John Denver and this was one of my favorties as well!! This song was a call to the hippies of my generation to go back to the land, many of us did.