Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Miss Me?

If you read this blog at brittlecrazyglass.com instead of through a reader, you may have noticed in the last few days that the site was down. Sorry; I didn't even know it was down until I went looking for my Tacos al Pastor recipe and couldn't access my blog. If you watched the Super Bowl, you may have seen a Go Daddy advertisement that my husband referred to as "disgusting." He's been using Go Daddy for web domains for years, and he's had brittlecrazyglass.com in that account since he gave it to me as a birthday gift when we were dating (yes, this is apparently what nerds give each other for special occasions). When he moved all of his sites away from Go Daddy last week, mine didn't totally make the jump. He got it fixed as quickly as he could yesterday, for which I'm grateful.

By the way, the Tacos al Pastor are for dinner Friday night. We've started having an open invite for a margaritas/fresh chips happy hour, and this week, we're adding in some simple but delicious tacos. I bought a beautiful 15 lb pork butt at Costco yesterday that will slowly roast from Thursday afternoon until Friday evening in a delicious blend of chiles, pineapple and other spices, and then the meat will be broiled to achieve caramelization. I've been too sick or busy to make this once-standard recipe for almost a year now, so we're looking forward to getting back into taco nights. If you're local and you know us personally, feel free to stop by. We love our food and we like our friends enough that we're willing to bribe you with good food to get you to hang out with us. You do miss me now, don't you?


Addie said...

I miss you so much that I'm salivating.

And I had noticed the site down. Sad. I should look into what Rob got me for MY website (truth: this is what nerds get each other), because I agree with the GoDaddy garbage.

Finally, I love that you call a pork butt "beautiful." Do you have the biggest Crock-Pot ever made?

Molly said...

Addie, isn't this a "come to Billings" week? HINT HINT.

Yup, any time you can envisage how that tasty, tasty pork fat will be when it's caramelized, it's a beautiful thing. I've never bought one at Costco before, so I was amazed and excited at its size (and I bought a smallish one).

Truth is, I'm going to have to borrow my mom's crockpot; I think it's a quart or two bigger than mine, and I'm going to need every inch I can muster, or I'm going to have to cut it in half and cook it in batches. Which I might do anyway ... and that still involves borrowing mom's crockpot.

Nerds not only buy each other web domains, they also get giddy with excitement about a meal that's still almost a week away. And here, I'm talking about JR, not myself.