Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Beauty of Jesus

Song in my head from the last few days (for good reason):

Let the beauty of Jesus
Be seen in me
All his wonderful passion
and purity.
Savior divine,
all my nature refine
'til your beauty,
'til your beauty,
'til your beauty be seen in me.

Song by Trudy Poirier. I don't know any of the other words.


Molly said...

Thanks, mom! You're always so on top of things :)

Melodee said...

The line that stood out to me the most when I first heard this song was, "Prodigal or Pharisee the same." It is so easy to be complacent about Phariseeism, at least for me. . . but "My own righteousness is just like filthy rags."