Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Dearth of Post-Worthy Material

I'm feeling a dearth of post-worthy materials, probably due in large part to the fact that my brain has been hopped up on alternating doses of Nyquil and Tylenol Cold for the last week. You know, the body is such a funny, frail thing when it comes right down to it -- it's amazing that it works well most of the time, and it's a reminder of how broken our world is when, well, when you get something as simple as a cold and it knocks you flat on your butt. Mmmm, actually, tomorrow I'll share a fantastic, SIMPLE Asian Chicken chili soup recipe that I made last night -- it's great cold food! (although I've enjoyed it in good health, too)

On another topic, it was funny today to have co-workers keep coming up to me telling me how funny I look. I'm not at all angry at JR and his dad for circulating pictures of me in my sickness to a large number of family members and co-workers, though some co-workers suggested that maybe I should be. I figure that if they can love me when I'm looking pretty close to my worst ... AND if it makes JR's dad laugh so hard that he can't even hold a normal conversation, well, they must be following in God's footsteps and not judging me by outward appearances. (To be fair, they're not intended to be real pics of me; they're intentionally distorted pics from Mac's Photobooth application -- sort of like a photographic version of a fun-house mirror.)

However, there are some good pictures out there, too, and I do want to share them. They're from when LIZ! visited last weekend; we got in one last weekend of skiing at Bridger (and then they got dumped on with snow after we left), enjoyed some amazing scenery, some great food, awesome! live music and just had a great time of reconnecting. Thanks for taking the trek out here, Liz!


Carrie Peeples said...

Those pics were pretty good!! And I didn't know you were sick. It was cute :)

Anonymous said...

For the record, I ONLY sent those to family :P You can blame pops for sending it elsewhere :)

Michelle said...

You all look like pros. I went skiing for the first time ever last winter in Western Maryland somewhere and let's just say I stayed on the "bunny hill." I spent most of the time on my bottom. I have video from the "class" I took with all the little kids. Maybe I'll put it on my blog (if I can figure that out).

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!!

Molly said...

Michelle, I'm not that good -- I just wear the right gear! (except when you get down to my skis and see that I bought them in 1999, and things have totally changed since then!) I'm glad you got out and tried skiing -- can't wait to see your video!